About me

General specialist in connectivity and development. Disciplines I respect and contribute to include the linux kernel, automation, observability, fabrication, music, sailing, and hopefully many yet undiscovered.

Wintergatan Tightinator

An offhand comment during the 2023 Wintergatan Community Meetup struck up a friendship between me and Yan Fett. The TIGHTINATOR analyzes .wav files to produce a list of timestamps for the peak of every transient. Martin can use this to produce reports and make determinations as he implements engineering solutions

Garden Dash

This small workflow produces an image with relevant agricultural forecasts. This helps manage frosts and freezing in a northernly climate and factors into watering schedule. Eventually soil moisture data will be collected and displayed. This is all pushed into an SVG which is used to refresh the e-ink display of a Kindle.


A kitchen for your truck hitch. Prep space, refrigeration, hitchen kit and cooktop; off-grid capability with a combination of electrical/gas options.

Automotive Endurance Racing

Le Mans, France. The site of a famous endurance race known as The 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is an example of humanity's engineering marvels, expensive, and driven by professionals. The 24 Hours of Lemons, a state-side parody racing league is none of that. The limit on a build is $500. The cars are barely held together, and explode regularly. The drivers, amateurs, anyone who can pass tech and keep the car upright.


Thyro is software and hardware that provides a visual portal into a digital environment. Powered by Kinect for Windows and the Unity game engine.

Appeal to Reason

A historic rag returns to the modern era. I run The Appeal for my buddy Jim.

Love letter to M. Molin

Martin is a composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and inventor. His recent updates to the Wintergatan videos left me unable to continue watching without writing.

To those that ride

Is motorcycling worth the danger?.


911 page display and notification.